Protection for all the reasons you travel

If time has proven anything it’s that the unexpected happens unexpectedly. When it comes to travel, knowing that you’ve got expert help to deal with the unexpected makes every trip a more enjoyable experience. Travel protection delivers the added security you need to get back to the places you love.

Travel should be a cherished and all-in experience so we work to protect you before, during and after your vacation. Go confidently knowing your travel insurance provides emergency medical and dental benefits, emergency medical transportation, trip and luggage protection, and 24-hour concierge services.

Reasons why you should get travel protection

  • Because delayed and cancelled flights are common
  • Lost, stolen or delayed bagged mishaps can occur.
  • Medical emergencies often happen while traveling and can be very expensive to receive medical care or evacuations from overseas.
  • Adverse weather and natural disasters can occur.
  • Sickness or injury before a trip can happen
  • Trip cancellations or inevitable sometimes
  • Your peace of mind is priceless

Travel Protection Policy Estimate

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