Flight Club VIP is a unique travel resource for the cultivated individual seeking to navigate the world.

Our premiere suite of integrated concierge services, destination guides, and vacation packages provide the ultimate one-stop shop resource for members seeking travel products to fit every budget.

Founded in 2015 on the premise of fellowship, adventure, and exploration outside of the norm, company founder, Annie Wade, combined her love for planning group trips for friends and social organizations with her love for travel and formed Flight Club Travelers, an urban professional travel club.

The mission for Flight Club Travelers was to unite likeminded travelers while building a sense of community amongst congenial individuals who could share insights on flight deals, travel news, and popular hacks. Following successful group excursions to the Caribbean, Iceland, various ski trips, and international festivals, Flight Club Travelers was well positioned for its metamorphosis.

Annie Wade

Founder / CEO

Byron Lundy


In 2017, after organizing a 25-member trip for Flight Club Traveler’s

Annie tapped future Flight Club VIP COO and digital brand marketer Byron Lundy to assist with branding Flight Club Travelers. This fateful conversation was not only fruitful in developing the cornerstone of the brand identity for the travel club but was ultimately the catalyst to the evolution of Flight Club Travelers into Flight Club VIP.

Fast forwarding into 2021, Flight Club VIP excels at curating top quality vacation experiences, destination weddings, retreats, birthday celebrations, and major international events for its 3000+ members while further establishing its position as an innovative leader in the travel industry. We expect our members to benefit from a world-class customer experience that is both responsive and adaptable to the ever-evolving needs of modern nomads.