Let us Create a Dream Experience for Your Clients with Custom Event Planning!

The team of experts at Flight Club VIP is comprised of dynamic, young, and talented people who relentlessly put their heart and soul into adding that 'wow' factor to your event. Our professionals have deep insight into the nuances necessary to make any event, be it corporate, social, or family, a successful one. We are very aware that these types of events are a culmination of your unique requirements and your guests’ needs.

Irrespective of size and scale, we consider your event to be its own company complete with specific strategic objectives, established targets, and detailed schedules to ensure the event is completed on time and on budget. Whether domestic or international, we have the capacity to execute all of your travel facilitation needs.

Unfortunately planning an event does not end simply with travel; marketing your event is just as important. We believe in putting just as much budget, if not more, into marketing as you do for your talent budget, venue, and event production. Without the right amount of exposure, who’ll know that you planned an elaborate conference or destination getaway? Apart from locating affordable accommodations, organizing fun activities, transportation, booking, and fulfilling local travel needs, we also plan strategies for you to get the attention you need to increase bookings. We begin by planning an event advertising strategy, concept creation, digital marketing and continue by doing much more to help you execute a well-planned event. In addition to these tasks, we also assist clients in developing corporate partnerships and sponsor decks.

Customer satisfaction is a priority for us.

We go beyond just travel facilitation, marketing, branding, digital media, and public relations. We totally optimize your event through flawlessly executing trusted practices that non only keep customers happy during the event, but ensure increased attendance, customer loyalty, and ultimately boost future attendance. With experience of more than 20 years in marketing and sales, Flight Club VIP is ready to support the preferences of our clients. Through the years we’ve helped event promoters with guests of 30 to 3,000 run successful and well thought out events.

Be it your first event or the tenth; we will bring the same level of client support and ingenuity that Flight Club VIP is known for. As mentioned before, no event is too big or too small for us. What we believe in, is excellent service to our clients.

We actively aim to stay up to date with the travel and event industry as well as the developing technologies that help our clients create exciting event concepts. From the conceptualization of your event to execution, including location management, logistics, technological assistance, and more, Flight Club VIP can create a special, inspiring, and memorable environment for your business and guests.