Our Favorite Hair Tie Has Nearly Sold Out on Moda Operandi

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Here’s why and where you can still buy it.

You may recognize Deborah Pagani as a celebrity hair colorist during the ‘90s (working alongside the masters such as John Sahag, Oribe Canales, and Rita Hazan, on the heads of Tommy Lee, Prince, Bette Midler, among others), or as a designer for her eponymous fine jewelry line of art-deco inspired pieces. Now, the New Yorker has married her spheres of expertise by redefining hair accessories as fine jewelry.

Inspired by her own travels to destinations like St Barth’s and Ibiza, Pagani’s idea for the line was born from necessity. She wanted a hair accessory that was functional and accessible, but still elevated enough to pair nicely with her Cartier watch and her own jewelry designs. And she also references ‘90s hairstyles (like Drew Barrymore’s in Poison Ivy) as a point of inspiration, as well as New York’s culture as a whole.

Courtesy Deborah Pagani

But the timing now couldn’t be more perfect. As clips, barrettes, bands, and bobbles have begun to flood hairstyles on runways and streets, Pagani’s “Hair Objet” collection offers pins, cuffs, and links. Crafted with the same sculptural approach as her former work, the range employs polished metals (in yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and gunmetal tones), and elastic bands that hug the curve of a wrist or slip easily into or around any hairstyle. Nearly sold out on Moda Operandi already, the entire collection is (thankfully) still available on DeborahPagani.com. Each piece is sold individually and ranges from $70 – $110.

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