You Would Never Guess That This Pair of Underwear Costs $1,000

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…but they’re literally lined in gold.

The gift for the person who has quite literally everything: a pair of briefs sewn together with 24-karat gold. This is a thing that exists and it’s quite possibly the most expensive pair of men‘s underwear you’ll ever find. At first glance, you’d never be able to guess the cost of these shorts, but let’s dive into the details.

Made by a company called Nice Laundry, the Flying Pig Slim Fit Boxer will cost you $1,000 to own. They’re made of 100 percent cashmere and feature a horn button closure. A quick look around the website and you might be scratching your head: as Luxury Launches points out, the other products from this line don’t tip over the $30 mark. Even the brand is calling it the most expensive pair of men’s underwear in the world. “Men’s” is an important word there, as you only have to step five feet into a luxury lingerie brand like La Perla to spend an entire paycheck on underthings.

Nice Laundry
ourtesy Nice Laundry

But where lingerie can get quite fancy looking, this pair of men’s briefs are surprisingly simple. Aside from a small embroidered pig (sewn with the golden thread, of course), you won’t find anything else that jumps out and yells “$1,000 pair of underwear!” on this design.

If you are looking to personalize the briefs even more, you can add a monogram done in the 24-karat gold thread. If you’re looking to own a pair of the most expensive men’s underwear, we salute you… and your shorts.

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